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Thursday, May 03, 2007

A new obsession

The other day I stumbled upon a great blog RRW. In one of her more recent posts she mentions how she signed up for a neat website called Bookcrossing. The premise is simple--you have a book you have read and don't want any more? You register it on the site and "release" it into the wild. As an avid reader and bibliophile this idea really got me excited. (I am such a nerd FYI) The unfortunate thing is that in February I went through all my bookshelves and got rid of most of the books that I was ready to part with; not an easy task for me! So while I was thinking all day that I must have at least 20 books I could release, when I got home and checked I could only find two! So I think that I will be starting off with this bookcrossing on a much smaller scale and originally anticipated. I got a Jodi Picoult book all registered and ready to go and brought it with me to the movies last night in west Philly. I left it in the theatre and have now been anxiously checking the status online hoping that someone will soon check in that they found it. I put a sticky note on the front that said "Free book to a good home, see inside" and I had the bookcrossing information and registration number on the front page. It felt so foreign to me to be leaving something so treasured, a book, behind. I looked back several times as I was walking down the steps and out of the theatre...like I was leaving my kid on their first day of school. I have such lofty aspirations for the life of this book and I am so hoping that someone will write it to keep me abreast of its travels.
Due to my "mental work checkout" I have officially completely screwed myself as I realize the amount of work that I need to do today. Yet here I am updating my blog cause somehow I deem this as critical on my list of things to do. Urgh. D and I went to see 'The Condemned' last night. While we were in Florida I got to pick two movies for us to see (Meet the Robinson's in 3D and Reign over Me) so it was his turn for the movie choice. It was one of those actioney movies where everyone kicks everyone else's ass and gratuitous violence ensues. I think that it was to be a bit of a social commentary on what we are willing to watch on television and desensitization to violence, but it wasn't exactly plot or dialogue heavy. But it was good for the kind of random actioney sort of thing that D was looking for. It was better than The Marine by about 100%, which I made D watch cause Jon Cena was it in. Why do I suddenly have a thing for wrestlers? I am regressing into a prepubescent boy. Eeek.



  • Loved your blog about BookCrossing and I really think you're going to love it...its very addicting!
    my best,
    CEO BookCrossing

    By Blogger Scott, At May 06, 2007 4:51 PM  

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