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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Less than a week!

If I new how to make the MSN barfy face emoticon show up in my blog I think I would put that in right about here--I am terrified about quitting my job. It's funny cause I have bitched about it for the entire time I have worked here, but it has been routine for the past almost 5 years (I interned here a wee bit before I finished university) I got a bit teary getting coffee yesterday with Mari, we have been supportive, "got your back" kind of coworkers together and I will really miss seeing her every day. In fact today she is in training and I am supposed to be writing tests and I am lonely being the only one in my section. What will she do when I am gone? The other girl that we used to hang out with randomly stopped talking to us just before Christmas. Physically acting like we don't exist. We haven't really figured out why, we think it's because we didn't go to a happy hour that she had with her rugby team. That day it was due to pour rain and while she had taken the week off we had worked all week and were tired and not wanting to go out. After that she has completely not spoken to either of us. She did this to me once before so we just decided that she is clearly crazy so we left her alone. I am now feeling like I am abandoning my dear Mari to fend for herself as she will have to deal with this crazy alone. I have actually had in-my-own-head confrontations with her where I tell her that she needs help and that at 26 the actual way to deal with conflict or being upset with a friend isn't to freeze them out. Yesterday I started thinking that if she said goodbye to me I would say something like "bye then, have fun being miserable to people who want to be your friend" although I would clearly not do that. I would just say goodbye back. I guess her tactic worked in the way she wanted cause it did piss me off, although everyone else in the office who has noticed her behaviour thinks she is a nut. wow clearly I needed to get that out.
We didn't make it out to all you can eat sushi last night :( The timing didn't work out with the people we were double dating with so instead we went out to Cuba Libre (a divine yet kinda $$ Cuban restaurant in old city) Then we went to the Ritz to see Waitress. I never realized how beautiful Keri Russell is until that movie. She was just gorgeous throughout. It was a really great chick flick if anyone is interested. I think D enjoyed it as well--not 100% sure cause sometimes he pretends so that I don't feel bad for my movie choices. The downside to this is that I now want to bake and then eat a million pies. The cinematographer did an excellent job of making the pies look divine. Tonight I am taking D on a date night to the Phillies game cause it's Ryan Howard bobblehead night.



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