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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Three Weeks

I move back to Ontario in three weeks. I am still unsure if it is permanently or just for the summer but I just hate feeling so confused about things. I am SO excited to be near my family and friends again. While there has been a lot I have loved about living in Philadelphia I have remained homesick for almost 4 years now. I know that this will somehow all get figured out, but I just wish that there was a way for it to not be so dificult. Also--this past weekend I found out that I weigh 10 lbs more than I thought I did. While this doesn't make me a heifer by any stretch of the imagination, it is just really disappointing as I felt that I had been making some progress with the treadmill and the eating better. D said he would help me and is putting me on the 3 week blast plan. (I just made up the blast plan part...we didn't give it a real name) But I am getting my ass on the treadmill everynight for at least 300 calories, but I am aiming for closer to 500. We are cooking in every night (a REAL stretch for us) and trying not to be so snacky before bed. I am going to two weddings this summer and it would be nice to feel super sassy at both of them so I am keeping my cute dress choices in mind as motivation when I don't feel like doing anything productive.
American Idol is on tonight and it's BeeGee night......I can't wait to watch. So lame I am this addicted.



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