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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hurray for Hump day

Today is my free lunch day. Hurray for winning things. And hurray for my willpower—I love Mexican food, but instead of ordering some of the naughty cheese smothered things I love, I got a chicken and avocado salad instead. I am sure it won’t be quite as satisfying as the Flautas or what-have-you, but I am sure my waist line will thank me later (as well as my stomach tonight when I get on the treadmill) Last night was to be our second night of awesome healthy cooking at home, but we ended up going out to Marathon instead...oops. I did however order a salad which was delicious and surprisingly filling so I feel good about that. I think my main problem is that I like all the goodies in my salad (nuts, cheeses, other non healthy salad accouterments)
Urgh. I started writing this this morning when I was all full of promise with my freebie. Unfortunately my salad is rebelling against my insides and I feel like complete crap now. :'( But it was still free so let's try to be positive here. Wonder who is going home on Idol tonight? It's funny cause I look at all other reality shows with such disdain, but I love me some American Idol!



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