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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogging with Bullets

My 'last day of work' onset ADD is making blogging difficult today so I thought instead of trying to piece together cohesive sentences and paragraphs I think I shall just use bullets to illustrate what all I have currently going on in my head.

  • I think I met a kindred spirit yesterday! GG, my first internet friend turns out to be a cool real life friend. We bonded over her blog on Bookcrossing and we discovered that we are both super cool nerdy girls. Iced coffee conversation at Starbucks was neither forced or awkward. I guess that's what comes for meeting someone for the first time after you have already read all about them on their blog! It was just really nice to meet someone that you automatically feel comfortable with. For our quick coffee break we delved into pretty deep coffee conversation as we exchanged books. I am saddened as I have been looking for a friend like this for a long time (and of course we meet as I am preparing to move) but I am also taking it as a blessing to have a fun new friend to share my love of books and crafts with even from a distance. (also reason #1223 to love this gal, as soon as we got back to our offices after meeting we both immediately went online and journaled about our bookcrossing exchange. Woman after my own heart!)
  • I don't know what I have signed up for lately, but on average I am getting 8 emails a day from Prince someoneorother telling me that I am a long lost heir from Africa blah blah he wants to send me money. First of all I am on the albino side of Caucasian. My British heritage has passed down upon me skin the shade best described as "catfish belly" white. I really don't think that some African prince is in my background. Also with how utterly common my last name is I know that they didn't some how track me down through ancestry.com Don't know why it annoys me so much. I think it's cause hotmail tells me I have a ton of emails, so I get all excited imagining the fun email I will have and then it's all crap. urgh.
  • My coworkers took me out for a farewell lunch yesterday at Estia. It really is sinfully delicious to get to enjoy wine during lunch on a weekday! Mari took her camera out to start taking photos and realized that her memory card was at home in her laptop. That is so something that I would have done which just made me start missing her already. Lunch was awesome and tonight they are all taking me to Continental Midtown for happy hour. I can't wait for drinking some highly overpriced martinis with my work peeps tonight. As much as I complain about my job I really love the people (most I should say) that I work with and I will miss them a lot.
  • Yesterday was a big day for me in the bookcrossing world...well not so much to anyone else, but I managed to release 3 books. Which is a lot for me in one day. As of yet no one has gone online to let me know that they found them, but I have started making up backstories in my head for those people who find them.
  • Off to my last lunch working here. weird. Mari and I are going to get sammies from Starbucks and go take photos in the park. hurray.



  • Haha! I love the African prince thing. And more than that, I love your description of just how caucasian you are. Beats my term of "severly caucasian" by far! LOL!!

    I am sad and happy for you too, for finding your new friend, and now having to leave her behing :( But alas, we have the internet :)

    I still can't believe how fast time has gone and this is your last day. Crazy!!

    Sniff sniff....I'll miss you, because you won't be on msn all day with me now....looks like i"ll have to do my work now.

    By Anonymous melissa, At May 22, 2007 1:36 PM  

  • Funny, when I found your blog a little while back, I was wondering if you had ever seen GG's blog b/c I thought you'd hit it off. Anyway, glad you got to meet up before you left Philly!

    By Blogger sognatrice, At May 23, 2007 2:28 AM  

  • That African Prince email is known as the "Nigerian Scam" It is a widespread email scam and has cost lots of folks a ton of cash. The scam goes like this...The mail indicates that the African person is going to inherit millions but needs a person in the United States to act as a go-between. The African promises the American tens of thousands of dollars but the American needs to wire the African a few thousand dollars to ge the process started. After the money is sent, of course the scammer disappears into cyberspace. Very dangerous scam.

    By Blogger Dave Scott, At May 23, 2007 3:42 PM  

  • Commenting with Bullets (er stars?)
    *I'm glad you met such a cool friend & am sure you'll be able to keep in touch via the internet.
    *Haha - I think we share the same whiteness. Though I seem to be getting a slight tan out here in Kentucky, never got one in California - odd
    *It sounds like you will be much missed at your job. Glad you are able to have fun farewells.
    *I tagged you, check out my post if you're interested.
    *Happy travels!

    By Blogger Rebecca, At May 25, 2007 11:14 AM  

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