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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thoughts from this morning

*Insert heavenly chorus of Angels noise here. I have finally found something that works for my cold sores. I know that as I type this it’s signing the death warrant of it actually working for me again, but I had to share. My dear friend Tara sent me a package of these Compeed patches along with some chocolates a few months back. I have had two cold sores since then and I just put these on as soon as it started and they didn’t get all huge and gross! Hallelujah. Downside is that they seem to only be available in the UK and I think I can only pester dear sweet Tara to mail me stuff so many times. What is something fun from the US I can post her in return…I don’t think a cheesesteak would hold up in the mail.

Last night was fun watching the Phillies cream the Brewers. I do like watching a sporting event live, much more so than on television. Sometimes however baseball gets a bit long for me. Poor D, it’s me taking him on romantic date night and then I sat for two innings and picked the fake nails off my nails. Lovely right? They were just starting to get crappy looking so I decided they had to come off. And picking at them is cheaper than being charged $20+ to go to the salon and have them removed. I am such delightful sporting company. We went home and watched the Tivoed season finale of Criminal Minds. I started to cry when someone was killed. I know it’s silly, but she was rescued last season from a terrible death and it just seemed so unfair that another bad guy would "get" her. D kept reminding me that it was just television and that Gideon and the crew would get the bad guy in the end but for some reason I was just really upset about it. I am a 100% dork if I can't handle watching my fave shows without having meltdowns.
I have been wanting to write a post for about 2 years now titled "An open letter of hatred to Verizon wireless" but I have yet to get around to it. I am afraid if I let all my anger towards that shitty not at all customer service oriented company out, I will get put on a government watchlist cause it is a violent hatred for them. I have literally left their store in tears on more than one occasion with the way they have treated me. But I digress. My point for now was that last week my cell phone charger stopped working. When I went in to replace it I was told "but ma'am that phone is over two years old. We don't still have chargers for that!!" (ok so when was a two year old phone considered a dinosaur asshole?)--I stormed out at this point so that I didn't start throwing things at the injustice of it all. SO...D ordered me one from Ebay which has yet to arrive so I have been without a phone for over a week now. It is strangely freeing. Also weird cause I haven't talked to anyone, but they have my work number and D's cell phone number should they want to get in touch (left it on my answering machine)..so I either have no friends, or else I have been obsessively checking my cell phone every 10 mins for the past few years for no reason. It feels strangely freeing to have cut the cord. Granted there hasn't been an emergency lately wherein I would need a phone so I would likely feel different if that was the case, but it is nice to go out and think that I am not immediately accessible to everyone who has my digits.



  • oh man....I can't watch a full episode of Grey's Anatomy with out crying. I know what it's all about. There are some commercials that make my misty eyed. You aren't alone in the crying over tv thing, LOL!

    I don't have a cell phone. And I love not having one. If people were able to get a hold of me anytime at all, I would freak out. I like the mystery of people not knowing where I am, and what I am doing every single second.... If I'm away for an extended period of time, I leave contact info for where I'll be with my folks and with my roomie. No one else needs to know. :)

    By Anonymous melissa, At May 17, 2007 1:24 PM  

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