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Sunday, June 03, 2007

If I can still drink that much at 90...

Yesterday we had a birthday party for my Grandparents. Earlier this month my Grandma turned 90 and on Friday my Grandfather turned 85. My family thought it fitting to throw them a big party and we did it in style. It was a lot of fun to have family and friends together for a joyous occasion as the last time we gathered en masse it was for a funeral. Needless to say this was a whole lot more fun. It feels so weird to be home and not rushing to do all the things I usually have to cram into a weekend. It feels so freeing to be able to make plans with friends for next week and actually be around to celebrate my best friend's birthday. It is strange to be away from Philly and since I guess it hasn't completely settled in yet that I am not going back in a day or two I think the homesickness will come a bit later. Right now I am still so excited to be drinking red wine with my grandma and getting teased by my younger brothers. It feels so nice to be all together again without such sadness immediately hanging over us. But I digress, the party was awesome. My best friend and her boyfriend came up to hang out for the day (they actually slept over as well) You know someone is your best friend when they will come up to your house to celebrate a familial birthday and kick it with your aunts and uncles. We managed to sneak away to have some quick catching up in conjunction with many many glasses of wine. I am currently putting my photos on the computer and was surprised to notice that I had taken 323 pics yesterday. Well I didn't take them all as family members were enamoured with the Nikon so I have many many random photos of things like the sink and potted plants--I have to go through them a bit before I upload to shutterfly. I thought I would post a few of my faves up here:

Me and my brothers

My cousin and her daughter checking out the fish pond

Me kiss mauling my bestie



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