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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Phabulous Philly Top 5


This is my entry for Top 5 This is my first blog contest entry so wish me luck ;) It is due at the end of the day today and since it is one more thing to do on my quest to make it through the entire day without being productive I will have to get it done asap. I can't really be witty on the fly, or really not on the fly either so this may not really be that fun. But it does seem I can be self deprecating on the fly huh? Ok, back on track-->this is the "5 things I will miss most about living in Philadelphia" (notice I wrote 'things' not 'people' hunny, you know you are #1 on that list ;) )
  1. Soft Preztels--I have loved many a pretzel in my life, but none so much as I have these past three dough filled years in Philly. I have noticed that even my germaphobe self will still eat a soft pretzel sold to me by some random dude standing outside of Phillies games. I will buy them in the 7/11, (not from Wawa though cause those aren't as nice) and in fact I bought one today from the Philly soft pretzel factory. While we get those crappy hard crispy ones in cheap packaging, I have yet to find a delicious soft Ontario Pretzel. I would like to propose that someone in Ontario start making these in abundance, they really do replace all in the line for best after a hard night of drinking snack food. Oh this I will really really miss
  2. Rita's Water Ice--D and I make a habit of going for a walk a few times a week down a few blocks to get some Rita's. Although the sound of "frozen flavoured ice" really doesn't sell it, let me tell you, it is delicious. My two faves are raspberry and banana; they don't have either of these flavours that often but last night they had both. What a time deciding. (ended up with raspberry) I know that there is lots of ice cream and perhaps some forms of gelato in Ontario, but I know for a fact there is no Rita's and it has fast become my favourite summer treat.
  3. Rittenhouse Park--I love that there is such a beautiful park right in the city, within walking distance from my apartment. We like to go there and people watch, dog watch and just enjoy the evening (or weekend) weather. There are many benches so it's usually possible to get a seat and we can listen to the buskers or just hang out somewhere outside that isn't covered in Concrete. We used to go get coffee or hot chocolate in the winter and go sit in the park as well, it is so much fun to see everyone out enjoying the small space of un-city like setting smack in the middle of a huge city.
  4. Wawa--Perhaps I just love the name of this convenience store. It is much more fun to say than "Mac's" or "Beckers" (two of the main Ontario shops) But to me it's just so much more. They make to order many delicious sandwiches I have enjoyed over the years. I love that the one near me is open 24 hours so if I am that tricky combination of starving and lazy I can meander over there and they make me what I want. I have headed over there on my way home from the bar to get a meatball hoagie to sop up some of the beer...oh Wawa you have treated me so well. I also like to go there for coffee in the morning. Cheaper than Dunkin's and the morning shift gals who work on Arch st are hilarious. To me Wawa just seems so 'Philadelphia' to me, my little east coast convenience. sigh.
  5. Weaver's Way Co-op--This little gem is located in Mt.Airy (just west of Philly) It is in the neighbourhood where my hubby grew up and I have come to love it as we have shopped there all the time. They sell lots of homemade treats as well as lots of organic food, neat items and fresh veggies. The eclectic nature of the second floor with it's free trade coffee, kitchen needs, handmade beaded goods. The wall heading up the stairs with advertisements for free cats, new apartments, and people willing to lend a hand. If just screams 'COMMUNITY' as you walk in there and I will really miss the automatic comfort level that is attained once crossing the threshold.

Those were the top 5 phab philly things I could think about missing--I am just realizing how they are all associated with food. No wonder I keep worrying about the need for exercise! There are MANY more things I will miss, museums, restaurants, sports stadiums, the amazing view from my apartment....oooh I am getting sad already.



  • 1. Yes, Ontario has missed the boat on the soft pretzel thing. We must be crazy...I hear they are nice with mustard.

    2. Gelato is making it's way into the norm here, no worries on that. Although the flavoured ice thing...seems more like something you would find in a beach town in the summer. Perhaps Grand Bend, we'll have to check that out :)

    3. Hehehe, Wawa is more fun to say than Mac's. Mind you, I have adopted the name Kwik-E-Mart to all variety stores, cause that is more fun....

    Philly will miss you too!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 10, 2007 2:22 PM  

  • I moved out of Philly about 4 years ago, and you've hit on a lot of my nostalgia here. The pretzels, the water ice, Rittenhouse, Wawa...*sigh* I've never been to the Weaver's Way Co-op, but I'm even missing that at this point!

    By Blogger Michelle | Bleeding Espresso, At May 12, 2007 6:48 AM  

  • I thought everyone in Philly lived for cheeseteaks?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 14, 2007 7:17 PM  

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