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Sunday, June 10, 2007

(somewhat) Lazy Sunday

I slept in this morning which was gorgeous! For the past week I have been waking up about 7am like clockwork due to a combined force of birds that chirp exceedingly loudly and the sun creeping in my window. For some reason (perhaps cause I moved to the couch in the basement around 4am I managed to stay asleep til around 10:30! I got up and Mum and I had coffee sitting out on the back deck just hanging out, watering the flowers out there and chatting. Was lovely. Erin called and we had a good chat about her coming birthday weekend. I think I am going to head to Midland next weekend for some BBQ action. We want to do some fun yet cheap stuff on Friday night so if anyone has some good ideas let me know :) After my restful coffee/phone break we got my brother up to help us clear out the shed in the back garden. We need it for storage and it still is full of icky and smells like chicken poop (the former owner kept chickens in her back yard of course) So we used a power washer to clean out the inside after we got all the crap out. I think my brother power washed my butt and legs more than the inside of the shed, but I guess that must be a temptation hard to refuse...little brother with a water distribution unit...older sister hanging around. I guess he had to do it!
Yesterday was my first day of work at the restaurant. I made a whopping $5 in tips! I was in training so it was to be expected but I was still hoping to clear the double digits. It is a really cool place to work and I am looking forward to getting in there more often. I was supposed to work today as well but I think they overstaffed even for someone in training.
I didn't get to see Tara while she was here or meet her daughter Sophie. I am so disappointed. I had made plans to go up Friday night after work and see them up in Muskoka but the stars were aligned against us with about 35 things that made it impossible. The car I am driving (I will put photos up soon for sure) has a litany of issues and our mechanic didn't think I should take it too far without having the water pump replaced. My Mum's car needed to be taken to the dealership about an hour and a half away to have some warranty piece put on the brakes and I couldn't use my brothers car cause he needed it to get to work. Also my allergies were foul and I didn't want to subject anyone to that. Fortunately she is back in August for her brothers wedding so I will see her then. It is so hard to try to make plans at the moment as my brain is goo and just so much is going on.



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