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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dear Dante and other news

Dear Dante--let me know how the relationship building goes. Mix Cd's are one of my fave things to get from someone cause you really can get a glimpse of that persons taste, personality etc...So best wishes to you with that. Funny how you can be lead to people on the Internet. I knew that there was a reason I always posted song lyrics!
My quest for that awesome job is taking a little longer than originally anticipated. The hours I was getting at the clothing shop are now dwindling due to the slower pace of the fall. So I picked up a second job at a local fruit stand. Yes where I live might be officially called the Apple Capital of Ontario...and so I am working for a family friend now selling apples and making pies. It isn't really where I pictured myself at this point in my life but I am learning new things and I know that what ever happens is supposed to happen. I am no longer making good money, but I can recommend what apples are best for making pies/sauce/cakes. No knowledge is wasted knowledge. I guess it is good to have a reason to have to leave the house every day. Although it is weird to be at a job where I am not on the computer every day. I loved being able to check in with my friends on MSN all day and write my blog and do whatever else (I guess that would speak to my newly increased work productivity...hmmm) But for all the crap work wise, I am loving being home so much. I don't mind living with my Mum and my brother, although I do miss having some of my own space. It does feel great for once to be able to just be responsible for me. I get to make all the decisions that effect me and it is nice not to be thinking of anyone else. I am a bit lonely at times as most of my friends are in relationships right now, but it does feel good to have time to myself. I think I never took that earlier in my life when I had the chance and it is something that I have drastically needed. I think that I am the kind of person who tends to take on traits of the people I date. My views, desires and dreams seem to be radically similar to people I have dated even though they are not at all alike. How is that possible? I think that I can be easily influenced and just adapt their dreams to my own. I think that I am going to keep using this time to find out who I am and what it is I really want.
Tomorrow night my friend Liz and I are going on a "date". We make plans to see each other a lot but inevitably something comes up and we end up canceling so Liz in all her infinite wisdom decided that we needed to schedule "dates" so that we would actually go out. Our original plan was Thai food and then go see "Across the Universe" but it isn't actually playing at our local theatre so I don't know where the night will take us. How exciting. I think I need to keep making plans to go out and do things cause looking forward to something really helps get through the week. This week I have kickboxing on Wed night, Thursday off and then I work Fri-Wed so I am not really looking forward to the weekend this weekend. It's the local craft show and apparently my work becomes a total shit show. But money is money so what can I say. Dear Jesus please help me find a "real" job asap. Last week my grandma told me that she knew what I should do--I should be on the news as a anchor. Like you just pop in and apply for it like that, but I thought it was adorable that she thought that was the perfect job for me. I could also be an astronaut...



  • It sounds like things are going well for you even though they aren't going as planned. I'm sure this break from the normal daily grind will be good times for you, esp when you are back in the normal daily grind.

    By Blogger Rebecca, At September 25, 2007 9:35 AM  

  • Im in a blog! And I just ate our leftwovers...Thai food coma.

    By Anonymous Liz, At September 26, 2007 12:37 PM  

  • Ha!! News anchor! Love it. "This is Julia, coming to you live from the apple stand today, where in a disasterous moment, the pies came crashing down..." hehehe, I LOVE IT!!!!

    No worries about the job, it will come ;)

    I'm flying solo down here in TO--you're always welcome here!

    By Anonymous Melissa, At September 27, 2007 6:14 PM  

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