We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


As I suspected and part of the reason I hadn't posted anything about my marriage before, last night D read it and was hurt. I am removing the post and will no longer discuss my relationship with him online. I will say however that he wrote a post about me leaving and forwarded it to mutual friends, my coworkers, family members and his entire family. Apparently this is different. I was just trying to write something basic but I should have gone with my original feeling which was to not write anything at all.

I have decided to train for a mini triathalon. (which I think I am spelling wrong so I might want to rethink that!) My friend Lindsay did one last summer so we thought it would be fun to either relay one this year or try to do the mini one. So far I have a pretty good jogging pace but I have to kick it up several notches for the swimming and biking. I think that next week I am going to try to bike one town over. I will be sure to have my brother on notice so that if I can do the 14K but not come back he can pick me up! I just got home from a 3k jog, I can't do the whole 5k at a good pace yet but I am working my way up to it. I was having crazy anxious dreams last night of trying to get ready for my first day of University and I couldnt find a bra and my Ipod (apparently two things never to leave the house without) and I woke up in a panic. Also there were earwigs infesting the apartment I was living in. Gross. So I am finding that running is really helping me relieve stress which is something it never did before. It was always a source of stress as I was lazy and didn't want to get on the treadmill. Maybe I just like running outside? Anyway off to shower then work.