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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The curious incident of Hilary Duff in the nighttime...

Friday morning when my department all got into work we found paper on our chairs, or stuffed under our doors. These documents were not the usual reminders or paperwork that can be usually found left out for you. It was actually a photo of miss Hilary Duff along with her bio. Odd? Yes, especially for an office building. So far no one has copped to putting the papers out but more importantly, we are curious as to why...? It is now one of life's random mysteries. But my piece of her biography contained a lovely quote:

"I love clothes. I can't control myself. I have a huge fetish for shoes and clothes and makeup. I'm the kind of person who doesn;t like to wear things over and over again." --Miss Hilary Duff

I just feel like that makes her sound even more lame and obnoxious than I had thought. That's lovely that you don't like to wear the same thing. Good thing you have a ton of money then. Man what a tool. I don't usually display any outward aggression towards "tweener" stars, but she is now on my "idiot celebrities" list. Fascinating yes I know.

Other than that not much else has been up with me. Summer is winding down, my boss left (thank heavens) and I am just plugging away here. My Hub had a sweet job interview yesterday that he is really excited about and I am hoping that he gets this as that would just be so awesome for him. It's actually a job he really likes the look of and is excited about. How often does that happen?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dilemma of sorts

I am in a bit of a quandary. Well I guess more so an emotional tug of war as to what I want… so I am asking for some help...

I am trying so very hard to save money, and I am learning that its something I suck at. I have had an ING account on the go for over a year but I kept putting losery amounts in there like $10 or $25. A month or two ago I started having money taken directly from my account every time I get paid. TRES helpful cause I don't have to get around to doing it or else justifying why that money would be better spent on a purse or new shoes. Now, my new problem is.. I want a purse and new shoes. My taste in clothes has changed dramatically in the past year even and I want to start having more "grownup" clothes. I own more hooded sweaters than necessary, yet I always was drawn to the skater clothing look as that was what I wore through out college and highschool. (except for bar night but those clothes aren't fit to see the light of day) But I digress...what I am saying is I need money saving hints. For clothing, anything really. Pretty please help. So far I have started taking money out from Wawa (where there is no fee for getting money out) Trying to shop at Loehmanns or Marshalls when I feel I need clothes...but I must be just such a tool cause I dont know better ways to save money. I guess this post is all over the place...I will sum it up :

1) Trying to save money but am sucking at it. I love to treat my younger brothers, my hub and friends who arent in as good a financial state as me. Then I see I have no money and get like this :( I am slowly going with my ING account, but not as good as I would like, also, my student loan isnt getting magically smaller no matter how hard I am praying for a financial miracle.

2) my "plans" such as praying for said miracle, winning the lottery, and being bequeathed a large sum of money arent coming into fruition...now what?

3) want to buy new clothes yet save at the same time...

ok that was the jist. not all that interesting or cohesive really, but its been on my mind lately so I felt the need to get it out.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

F is for Flipflop

I have just been having one of those meh days. I was walking home and I started feeling better, even humming to myself. As I walked past a gaggle of particularly attractive young men I suddenly stumbled...I tried to right mysef but realized that the stupid toe thinger was no longer attached to the bottom of my sandal. It is not possible to walk with a sandal on when the stupid toe thingey isn't attached...so I had to walk home with one shoe on feeling like an idiot for about 5 blocks. So now I am watching The Office on my DVR to try to make myself feel better. I love that Michael just called Scoliosis (sp?) "women's trouble". That's making me feel a bit better.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hating on Ebay, the gimmie gimmies and more

Hating on Ebay:
Friends of mine sell their lives on Ebay. They are consistently telling me how much money they are making by selling their old shit on Ebay. Whenever we hang out they are constantly checking the status of the items that they have sold, and planning what else they could sell. They even pick things up at Garage sales to sell on Ebay. Recently I though, "hey, I could get into this racket" so I bought two baby onesies from Gap for $4.00 to try to sell on line as well as various other items that were lying around the house/in my closet not being used. Today was the deadline for my items and I ONLY SOLD ONE THING. And it was for the original super low listing price. Dammit. I didn't think that I would make a fortune, but why was it that our friends (who already have more money than we do) seem to make out so well at this. (Green eyed monster talking there my bad...) So I decided that I now hate Ebay, I am going to go about this the old fashioned way--Have a garage sale. Whoopdy do. Maybe I will make a few bucks at least. We sure do have a lot of junk thats for sure.

The Gimmie Gimmies:
I guess this can relate to the green eyed monster who made a recent appearance re. Ebay, but I want things. I am trying hard to be good and to save money and not buy junk, but lately I feel like I have a case of the gimmie gimmies (I feel like that was a title to a Berenstain bear book from when I was little) I want cool new clothes, I want make up, I want new shoes, I want to get my hair done, I want to just buy things. Why is that? I think its cause for once in my life I am actually paying attention to my finances, but I am also at a transitional phase where a lot of the clothing I own is getting kind of young for me. I want more "grownup", "trendy" and "kickass" kinds of clothes, and maybe less of the Tank top and zip up hoodie look. Hub recently went through this phase and now has a bunch of cute collared shirts, dressy T-shirts etc. And I want some tooooooo. Which I guess doesnt make me sound like I have the gimmie gimmies, but I also want a new camera, a dog, a house, to travel...so come on, gimme gimme gimme.

New Sandwich:
At the Elvis celebration the other week we started talking about Elvis myths and lore, and someone brought up that his favourite sandwich was deepfriend peanut butter and banana (I have not substantiated this fact FYI). The Hub said "you know what would be good? If I made you peanut butter and banana sandwich the way I make you grilled cheese." I have to say that this piqued my interest as Hub makes the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had. Honestly they are that good. So I got a bit excited as I am also a huge peanutbutter fan. So needless to say this was an exciting prospect. The next morning Hub made me one for breakfast--let me tell you, heaven. If anyone is in the market for a new sandwich this is it. The peanut butter was awesome and all warm and gooey and delish. Two thumbs up.

Prison Break:
We have a new habit as of late of renting entire seasons of TV shows on DVD to watch. I highly recommend doing this. We watched Season 1 of Lost like this, The first two seasons of the 4400, and we just rented Prison Break to start last night. Aside from Wentworth Miller being a sexy sexy bitch, the plot was amazing. He is like a hot, younger, jailed Maguyver. I am already loving (by episode 2) seeing how things are coming together. It seems like a really smart show and I am looking forward to watching more tonight. I y'all are dying for show recommendations, but yeah this is a goodie!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Since last time

Anyway, since last time I posted I have been busy. My weekend in Canada was awesome and as usual went by way too fast. I got to spend some quality time with my family which was so important to me and out of no where on Sunday the doorbell rang and it was my best friend (and former maid of honour) Erin and her boyfriend Steve. They had driven up from a town about 2 hours away and just surprised us with a visit. I usually can detect a surprise a mile away (or so I think) but I went to get the door and started to cry.
It was lovely, and we just hung out, went for a drink, sat down by the water and chatted. It's weird as we haven't seen each other since October, but we have that awesome soul connection kind of friendship where no matter how long it's been since we have seen each other it is always the same. Most of our friendship has been long distance, but we have often filled the space with letters and many phone calls. Anyway, point being, was awesome to see her.

This past weekend we went up to Jersey City for a wedding. Was a lovely wedding, and was a lot of fun to get to hang out with D's family. He has some awesome cousins. We headed off Sunday around 11:30 for the 2 hour ride back to Philly. We had decided that we would finally get around to running errands that we have been putting off for months. The New Jersey Turnpike threw a wrench into our plans. We got part way home and then due to an overturned tractor trailer we had to park for over 2.5 hours...it was boring and I was getting grumpy, but then a really cute Bruce Springsteen song came on the radio and Hub took me outside the car and we slowdanced to "Tougher than the rest" I ask you who is a more fitting artist to dance to on the NJT than the Boss. So it gave the day a cute romantic spin. I can count on the Boss to fix all of lifes problems through music generally. I love that man. Needless to say none of the errands were run and we got home around 6:30. So we just hung out and watched Sports Centre. (not my choosing ;) )
*note my super white legs. This is me chilling with Attitude on the stupid turnpike*