We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My pseudo resume

I started looking for a new job this week. Well to be more precise I continued with getting my resume together this week…the difficult part in this is that for the kind of job I am looking for, my awesome experiences waitressing and working retail through college don’t exactly apply. So as I am putting this together it looks really sparse…naked and sad really. It’s discouraging. I am looking at examples online and one suggests adding objectives or goals. What is it I am looking for in my new job? I had some ideas….
Looking for a job that allows me to:

· Work from home one or two days a week (preferably Monday and Friday)
· Flexible hours (after a hard weekend sometimes its hard to get in for 8am!)
· At least an hour for lunch
· Access to unsupervised internet (for MSN messenger and blogging of course)
· Unlimited sick days
· 25 days off per year
· A Christmas party
· Summer hours

Opportunity to be Creative
· Chance to become passionate about said job
· Room for advancement

While I was working on this I also started thinking about my marketable skills…I have some good skills, mad skills if you will, I just need to figure out how to best spin them so that I will get a fabulous job :

· Proficient with MSN Messenger, I know how to add emoticons, including but not limited to smiley face, thumbs up and big kiss
· I can spend hours looking busy while am actually reading blogs, keeping up to date on my celebrity gossip, and emailing
· Was actually bred for my magic skills…no wait that’s not me…
· Can quote almost any stoner comedy movie from the late 80s to now. (this also applies to Simpson episodes, as well as the Sex and the City repertoire)
· Have most witty sense of humor (clearly! As is displayed in this blog)
· Can unwittingly pick out the most uncomfortable pair of shoes in a shop
· Have good people skills, as have spent years being outwardly friendly to people who drive me to drink
· Can keep a secret
· Can give advice (however quality of said advice is up for debate)

So this seems to be a good demonstration of my skills and what it is I am looking for. Anyone want to hire me?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Running on tired (almost empty, but not quite)

Three. Hours. Of. Sleep. I don’t know what was up with my body last night, but apparently it felt like we didn’t need to go to sleep. I tried to go to bed from 11am-2am. I fell asleep sometime after two and was spontaneously reawakened at 5:30. Why you ask? No good reason. I didn’t drink any coffee; I wasn’t excited or nervous about an impending event; nothing. There is some insanity switch that turns on inside me when I have nights like that. I get angry, I toss, I turn, I bite the head off my husband as he tries to help. Now I am cranky and tired at work, never a good combo. Since lately I keep waiting to tell off my boss, I am avoiding her like crazy today for I don’t want to say something I will regret.

On a more positive note, I am in the process of getting my resume together and out there! My friend from work is looking for work in a similar vein and she is helping me tweak my resume so as to sound more appealing. Right now it sounds geared towards techy things (which really isn’t my bag baby), but I am working on having it sound more creative and PR/Event planning themed. Hopefully someone will give me a shot. I don’t have much experience in the field, but I think this is something I could love, and I would be much more porous to information pertaining to a genre of business I am passionate about.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Its just that time I guess

I am finally getting used to feeling a bit more grownup at times. I am at the age where many of my friends are married, or at least at that place in their lives where they are settling down and becoming more domesticated. However, a new plateau was reached this past Sunday with some news from across the pond. One of my oldest and dearest sent me the "we are pregnant" email! I knew that she and her husband had been trying since December, but it was an abstract thought...just passing through my mind. Why am I in so much shock about this idea? This is the first one of my close friends to be pregnant. This is the sort of thing we used to "plan" as 8 year olds. How we would live in houses next to each other and have babies at the same time and hang out and do grownup things like drink coffee. Its still an abstract thought to a point I guess as I havent seen her in two years, and I think I need to see her tummy to believe it. I think the main thing that seems crazy for me is that she is going to be a Mum. I think I feel so far removed from being ready to be a mum that I just cant believe that someone else my age is ready. I am already excited to be Auntie Stargazer and spoil this baby rotten from afar. I just cant believe its that time already, the time when the center of the universe is no longer within us, but within someone else!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Today is all about....

There are times in every relationship when bickering takes over. I find it only lasts a day or two at a time, but it sure is frustrating. Fleeting thoughts enter my mind of how nice and quiet it was when I lived alone…and how never had to steal back the covers at 3am. Then the hub tends to provide an unintentional grand gesture and I remember just why I never want to be without him again.
While driving to a wedding reception this weekend I lamented that I neglected to bring a hair elastic and would get very hot and sweaty with my hair down for the dance marathon I was planning. My beloved reached into his wallet and pulled out a hair elastic. “Oh hun, I keep one of these in my wallet for just such emergencies” Miracle man. Its not that I need grand gestures to remind me why I love him, but I think I stop being so grumpy when I realize just how much he does love me. The man who returns home from the grocery store with 4 boxes of Tampons because me writing “tampons” on the grocery list isn’t specific enough and he wants to make sure that I have whatever I may need. The (Jewish) man who decorated our entire apartment to look like Christmas in a valiant attempt to cheer me up since we were unable to go home for Christmas last year (due to Immigration). The man who makes me healthy lunches, holds my hand when I cry watching Cold Case Files, makes me hot water bottles when I have cramps, cleans the bathrooms, and (even though he hates them) kills cockroaches and carious other bugs so I dont get freaked out.
As much as he can drive me nutty sometimes with the day to day things, he really is just so thoughtful. He comes out with things that I used to dream that my dream man would do for me. That hair band incident really pushed it over the edge and I felt I needed to share with the blogging community (or the1 person who reads my blog).

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Two things

1) Ok, it was about 70 degrees in Philly on Saturday...was nice out this morning, wore my spring jacket into work and then by lunch time it was snowing. WHAT THE HELL?

2) Watched The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia) last night. Loved it a whole lot. It made me very smiley in the same manner that Harry Potter books and movies do. They make me feel young. I can vividly recall my mum reading me the Chronicles of Narnia and me being sure that something like that would happen to me one day. I still have that same belief in magic and fairies, but it gives me something else now to have that. It provides me with a sense of comfort and faith now, it used to provide me with a means of escape. But I love that this brings me back in touch with such lovely feelings from my childhood. Hurray for fantasy movies.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mrs. Cranky McGrumpsalot

Have been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately (as have previously mentioned) It seems as soon as I start feeling better something else comes and tugs the rug out from under me. Tuesday night is belly dancing night. I started an open class last week and I really enjoyed it. My girlfriend who was going to come with me this week backed out due to a painful UTI and so I have spent a good chunk of the afternoon battling with my inner (sometimes wimpy) goddess about going alone. Sometimes in strange social situations I get nervous, become extremely self conscious and proceed to have no fun…this is what I am trying to avoid as I enjoyed class last week. So finally I decide “yeah I can do this” and then Mil (mother in law) calls and reminds me that I have to deal with some uncalled for bill that HUPenn is claiming I didn’t pay last year (which I totally did, but of course didn’t keep records of...idiot) and whoops, there goes said rug. I put money in my ING account today, I was thinking “hey, am doing ok” and then…there it goes. As much fun as it is to day dream about winning millions and millions in the lottery…did you buy powerball for tomorrow? I would be super duper happy with winning a few thousand. I don’t need enough to keep me from working all my life, just help me pay off my loans, just let me get a wee bit ahead. Then I can try to figure out what it is that will make me happy, rather than just what I can do to pay the current bills. I had great thoughts of this year being my year, the year I grow up and stop being a tool…but I am realizing that growing up is a pain in the butt. I don’t like worrying about money, and overdraft and all that. I know that I am very fortunate and I have somewhere to live and a job and all that…maybe am just depressed a bit…come on spring please finish getting here and make me smiley again. This cranky blah person isn’t me. Am usually way more sunshine like. I am such a baby

Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

When Hub originally asked me if I wanted to attend the Phillies home opener with him and Alan I thought it would be a fabulous idea. I pictured us sitting in the stands, sipping a beer and reveling in the gorgeous spring weather. I forgot the "April Showers..." bit. As you can tell from the lovely grey colour of the sky, it was a rainy opening day. We sat huddled up with our bright blue ponchos on drinking coffee to keep warm...not quite what I had in mind. Also we lost. BADLY. I think "got creamed" is the proper sports terminology. 13 -5 and it wasn't for the Phillies. I guess you could say I am a fair weather fan. I love cheering my heart out if we are winning; but I am not at all diehard enough to sit in the rain cheering when we are losing so badly. Does that make me a bad person? I think not. Just a cold, soggy and wet one this time around.