We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Monday, July 31, 2006

aww my heart

We are packing and getting ready cause tomorrow we head back to Philly from small town Ontario. I was just sitting on the stairs and overheard my Dad hug the Hub and say "take care of her ok?" I just lost it and am bawling in my basement. I have such homesickness whenever we are getting ready to head back to the States. I consider Philly my home now, but I miss it here so much...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Things to do before I die (part 1)

  • Be on TV/in a movie for something cool. Not on the News for dying or something awful like that.
  • Write something and have it published (journal, short story, poem, kids book…I am not picky, just anything really)
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Go on a family vacation with my brothers and my parents and the Hub. (we have never had a family vacation)
  • Get my British passport
  • Live somewhere in Europe for a year
  • Buy a cottage
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Become fluent in French
  • Get another tattoo
  • Do something big on my own…this isn’t really fleshed out yet, but something brave alone so that I can conquer some fears
  • Take the English countryside walking trip with my Mum
  • Do the Holland bike trip
  • Drive across the country (USA and Canada)
  • Take Singing lessons
  • Write down my grandparents and parents stories.
  • Have a vegetable garden
  • Get a puppy (I want a bulldog….Hub wants a pug)
  • Cater a dinner party for some friends
  • Go on a trip to a vineyard where I can bottle my own wine

Friday, July 14, 2006


-are leggings making a comeback? I shudder with recollection at the ones I rocked in the late 80s early 90s…I recall pairing some floral leggings with a 90210 T shirt. Wtf?

-can I never just get up in the morning? Why do I have to hit snooze like 5 times and then have to rush around to get out of the house at a respectable hour.

-can I not pay attention at work…I just wish it was more interesting or that my company even tried to motivated our overworked underappreciated department

-do I always stress about remembering everyone’s birthdays and then get so upset when people (my brother) don’t bother calling/emailing/snail mailing for mine.

-do my nails never stay a nice length. As soon as they look good they all start chipping and breaking and looking not so sweet.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

on turning 26

I thought I would attempt to post 26 things I have learned this past year but I can only think of a few. Apparently hitting your mid twenties means that your brain capacity is no longer at its peak. I can remember things that happened when I was 16, but I am having difficulties remembering what I did a week ago. So instead just 26 random facts about not-so-young stargazer….

My socks seldom match
I have two tattoos and a belly button piercing
Used to have my tongue pierced but took it out as my Mum hated it
I talk to my Mum everyday either on MSN or by phone
I talk in my sleep
I have a weakness for Hub’s homemade guacamole
I am addicted to hand sanitizer and I refuse to touch door handles to bathrooms, poles in subways and most hand railings
I have OCD when it comes to checking my email and snail mail
I still believe in Santa Claus
I believe in Fairies
I eternally will picture my brothers are 7 and 9 while they are actually 21 and 23
I forget to answer when someone calls me Mrs…not used to that yet
I continually worry that I won’t be a good mother (yet no kids on the horizon yet so not sure why I worry)
I cried in the season finale for Ghost Whisperer.
I cannot get enough celebrity gossip, insane addiction to dlisted.com and pinkisthenewblog.com dont actually understand the infatuation, but I just cant wait to see what next befalls Britney Spears...
I use caller id much to my advantage…don’t know what I would do if I had to answer my cell phone to find out who was calling
I still sometimes get scared of the dark
I can be insanely naïve and gullible also too trusting
I call my dad for about 2 weeks leading up to my birthday reminding him of how many sleeps it is til my bday. I have done this for ten years, I don’t know why its not like he would ever forget.
I am 100% totally in love with the song “In your Eyes” it makes me want to cry and laugh and smile and marry John Cusack all at once.
I have been known to drunkenly sing “Sexual Healing” over the phone to Hub.
I am not good at yelling or getting mad I just tend to get frustrated then cry. My family was not a yelly family so I am just not used to it.
I am sad that I don’t get to have another wedding (even though we already had two one in Canada and one in the US)
I love shopping, especially for shoes, yet I cannot seem to find a comfy pair to save my life.
I still sometimes wish I was a smoker, yet every time I have cigarettes I feel nasty the next morning
I have never met a famous person.

Ok so wasn’t the most insightful list or the most interesting, but that is me, in 26 facts take it or leave it. A random fact of the day--I CANNOT STOP singing "C is for cookie" by the Cookie Monster.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Today is all about

Waking up and reading on MSN that an American was paralyzed during the running of the bulls...then frantically worrying it was my crazy brother in law (who was running with said bulls) followed by intense relief to realize it was some other unfortunate American.

Singing the Praises of Summer hours. For some fabulous reason, my work lets us out at 3pm on Fridays from Memorial Day weekend on...it is a glorious thing that makes the weekend just a wee bit longer. This is nice cause tonight it will give me time to nap and shower before we head out for our annual trip to the Phillies Fireworks game.

Starting to stress....Hub is throwing a party for work next Friday and there is still so much do to and I have no idea when it will all get done. I am trying to be positive and helpful but I am worrying that there is more bitten off that can be chewed (or some other as visual analogy) He still gets stressy and panicy when he has too much on his plate and there is a lot to do. Plus next Wed (two days before his party) is my birthday and I am just worried that it will get glossed over as he will be in a bad mood and freaking out about getting everything else finished on time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This n' that

This morning I have been humming (and while getting ready for work singing) “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid…I have NO idea where that came from as I haven’t seen that movie since the mid nineties.

I saw Lionel Ritchie play at the Philly 4th of July celebration on Tuesday. I was pretty drunk prior to this occasion and I had decided that he would of course play “All night long” and I would dance with the Hub and our friend Mindy (also drinking who accompanied us) Alas due to the stupid rain he was stopped one song short…yet stupid Fantasia was allowed to finish her singing “Purple Rain” with her kid strapped to her chest. What the heck? I take solace in having at least heard ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ and ‘Brick House’ and that I was able to extend my musical expertise to inform those I was with that Lionel was indeed a Commodore…why did no one know that?

My birthday is next week. YAY ME. And in the grand tradition of turning 26, I am having friends hang out at Dave and Busters. Hee hee hee. I know it’s a big waste of moolah, but its something to do and its better than taking people to Chucky Cheese. Hurah.